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If you’ve ever tried to surf, you know how frustrating it can be. Where does one begin?
The wipe outs, the nose-dives, the endless paddling, and that nervous feeling that won’t go away.
What appears to be a simple process is actually full of disheartening challenges.

Without the proper instruction, learning on your own can seam to be an
impossible endeavor. Learning from friends or family can create bad habits, and eventually
might cause you to hang up your board forever.The best way to get introduced to the world of surfing
is through personalized private surf instruction from Carolina Surf School .


Carolina Gutierrez


She was a representative of the Dominican team at the Pan-American Games in Peru 2006. She has been a 6-time national surf champion and now she is a pride for the lynch family as our team rider of the Dominican Republic.

Her most recent achievement in her career as a professional surfer was placing first place in the category of open women in the The Encuentro Classsic Nov 2017.

Why Choose Us?

Experience & Professionalism

We have a dedicated and
experienced team ready to help you learn, brush up or upgrade your surf skills no matter what level you are stating from. 

We are a
passionate bunch

We have a passion for surfing
and for what we do and this trickles down to everybit of detail in the service and experience we provide to our customers!


Located in beautiful Playa Bonita and inside El Mosquito Boutique Hotel, you will be able to enjoy a prime surf spot as well as additional amenities, making it perfect for the whole family. 


“My daughter loves Carolina surf school! She has taken twice weekly surf lessons and participated in surf camps and gained so much skill and confidence in the water. The instructors so obviously love their jobs. Carolina even organizes youth surf competitions which bring the community together. 5 stars all the way!”

Rebecca Jeppesen



“Carolina Surf School is a very good school of surf and is more than that, it is a place where good vibes reign, moments of joy and communion, focus and spirit learning. Memories for a lifetime 🙏”

Alexandra Melo e Castro



“Amazing experience!! My friends and I took lessons from Carolina who was everything and more. She is a great teacher! The lessons was fun, the surfing was easy and super fun, great for beginners and those who want to improve their skills. The beach was perfect and the surf school territory is straight out of a vacation paradise . . . lots of lounge areas, fun activities, an awesome bar/restaurant next door with great music and drinks, super kid friendly, just all around tremendously enjoyable time. THANK YOU!!”

Sasha Valerie

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